Callista Clarizia

12 week Warrior Queen Program


Are you Ready to Deep Dive and Truly Ready to Transform.

The Warrior Queen is an empowered being that moves into the future with confidence, empowerment and is activated to step into her Dreams.

Calling the Warrior Queens that are Ready to completely change your life, reset your mindset and step into the life you deserve. 


Only open to 5 people over 12 empowering weeks working 1:1 in an immersive and intensive experience to deep dive into all areas of your life to completely transform, inspire and create lasting amazing change. 


So if you know that you are Ready to blast belief systems, Clear your shadow side, aren’t afraid to deep dive into all areas of your internal programming and subconscious then this is the program for you. 

Warning: This is for Serious change-makers only, only apply if you are truly ready to dive deep, do the work and are committed and ready to Breakthrough, 

To truly Break free and claim into the life you deserve. 

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Waiting List Now Open

Starting 20th June 2022

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