Callista Clarizia


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Have you always known your intuitive?

Have you always had an inner knowing that turned out right ..

Have you felt premonitions or knowings that come true..

Are you interested in deepening your connection to your Guides and Developing your abilities…

Manifest and Magic workshop

A Vision Board Workshop with a Difference with Intention Setting, Manifestation and Magic.

💕Ready to Manifest ?

💕Call in your hearts desires ?

💕Get clear on your Vision ?

This powerful workshop will transform your life, with exercises, breakthroughs and shifts to truly manifest and set intentions for the life you desire.

Gawler Psychic Fair

A great day out offering psychic readings, massage & reiki healing, candles, jewellery, crystals, free seminars, competitions and much more. Book in for a Psychic Reading at the Fair in August 2022. 


Callista regularly runs workshops online and in person on all areas of self development, psychic abilities,  mediumship, empowering people to create their own transformation and growth. Callista is a spiritual teacher, coach and transformational guide.