Callista Clarizia


Callista's insight into anything and everything happening within one's realm is truly the stuff that magic is made of. Not only is she sensitive with her delivery (and that's important), she's razor sharp when it comes to interpreting messages from spirit guides, angels and more. What's fascinating to me, after consulting her on a myriad of life happenings over the past six years or so, is her development and dedication to her craft. Callista just gets better and better. One notices these things when you're open to listening and observing whilst in her presence, either in the flesh or via Skype for a reading half way across the world (never mind the 18-hour time difference). Having lived in various cities across Europe and America, I've done my research when it comes to seeking professionals in the field and Adelaide based Callista is my one go-to-gal when it comes to consulting higher forces and truly getting the most out of this adventure called life.
Los Angeles USA